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Dougal's Diary
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After some traumatic early life experiences, Dougal the black-and-white kitten falls on his paws into a loving home with two kind humans. 

Dougal decides to repay his humans’ kindness by trying to be a Good Cat at all times. 

But when you have a little sister like Shadow, being good isn’t as easy as it should be; because Shadow is an alley-cat who eats his food and loves rummaging in bins and stealing from neighbours’ barbecues.

And, although they don’t know it, the kind humans are not in charge in this house. That role goes to the imperious old cat Belladonna, who does not take kindly to newcomers in her space.

Dougal and Shadow’s new home also has a large resident family of wattle-birds, and a supporting cast of neighbouring cats with agendas of their own; so the kittens must learn their place in the pecking order. 

Dougal’s diplomatic skills will be tested to their limit as he tries to make sense of human and feline psychology.

Book Review

Dougal is an ordinary cat, living an ordinary life as a household pet. His diary tells the story of his life, beginning as a newborn kitten and ending as a happy household cat. Along the way he has several visits to the pound and shares adventures with fellow adoptee Shadow. You discover what Dougal thinks of all the things that happen to him and exactly how he sees the people and other creatures he interacts with.

I think this is a very good book. I love how the cats don’t play when human are around, and then play for hours when they are gone. It’s interesting to read how cats describe man-made machines, but it can be confusing to begin, whilst you work out what they are talking about. However, I really enjoyed reading how a cat might see things and how they feel. I recommend this book to animal lovers and people who likes to read different viewpoints.

    — Madelyn, age 12

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