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Warning Shots Last
Joe Blake
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I've seen plenty of girls with slut written all over them, but never one like this.

She was near naked, tied to a bed and the killer had driven a sharp object through her heart.
'Slut' had been written on her skin with a black pen.
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Joe Blake is a cop and it's hard being a cop in Perth, Western Australia.  You have to drive around in a hotted up super special cop Commodore.  You have to be a sexual gymnast and super athlete, just to keep up with the women throwing themselves at you.  You have to have nerves of steel - when women aren't handcuffing you to your bed, naked so the cleaning lady will find you; other people are trying to thump you when you're just out for a harmless night of too much drinking and rock and roll.
But Joe's a pro - he can handle it.  Everything the world throws at him, he'll give back in spades.  And while he's at it, he'll solve the case of one poor little country girl who came to the big smoke to go to university, fell for a would be rock star, and died, staked through the heart.
WARNING SHOTS LAST is the second in the Joe Blake series - current day hard boiled pulp fiction in very traditional style, with an Australian twist.
Find out more (including how to get the books at http://www.joeblake.com.au)

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