UNDEAD AND UNEASY - Mary Janice Davidson

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Undead and Uneasy
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Everyone loves a wedding. It's the planning stages that could send a girl out
to kill. Betsey, she of the killer shoes and fangs, finds herself strangely
alone at a very stressful time. Attending the funeral of her father and
step-mother after a car accident causes her to question why it is that at any
other time, she can't escape the presences of the undead and more so, her
friends. What is so special about right now? It piles up and adding the
custody of her half-brother to this list tips Betsey over the edge. It is nigh
impossible to find a wedding dress, let alone a decent pair of shoes for your
own wedding at the best of times.
When you have humans, vampires, a ghosts, a fiend and a werewolf living under
the same roof there is bound to be a little cross-cultural conflict happen
eventually. When her resident almost-furry, Antonia, goes missing, several
gorgeous members of her pack demand answers from the be-fuddled Betsey. It
helps when you have inhuman strength to sort out these little messes that land
on your doorstep but having your mum around helps also. Also, quite handy that
her daughter-of-a-devil half-sister is a dab hand at babysitting.
Book Review

Betsey became the prophesied vampire queen in book one of the series, UNDEAD AND
UNWED and has led her fans on a merry dance ever since. Book six here with
UNDEAD AND UNEASY trundles out more light-hearted escapades of the reluctant
vampire queen with an author's promise that the readers might be shocked at the
turns in fortune of Betsey and her various sidekicks. The wedding of Betsey
and her vampire man Sinclair has been dragged out over a few books now and needs
to be finished, soon! Hopefully in the next book. There doesn't seem to be
much else the author could do with her smart-mouthed heroine but Davidson
manages to throw in one last possible plot thread regardless.
As with all the Betsey novels, readers need to check their perception of
morality and reality at the door along with their possible hopeful wishes of
seeing a tightly crafted story of blood-sucking mayhem. As with it's
predecessors, UNDEAD AND UNEASY is easily digestible vampire chick-lite, with
nothing to pile on and nothing to feel guilty about afterwards.

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