The Troika Dolls

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Stevie Duveen
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Allen & Unwin
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Hazard limitation
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Meet Stevie Duveen:  striking, brilliant, gifted in seven languages and all kinds of combat - and strategic analsyt for Hazard Limited, an international trouble-shooting outfit specialising in discreet and very dangerous missions.  'All bones, ribcage and long throat', gorgeous, glamorous, diminutive Stevie is the last person people expect to find in such a job, but they quickly discover - often to their considerable cost - that she is as formidable as she is unlikely.  Surprise is her most effective weapon, apart from her fierce intellect, unflagging determination and razor-sharp intuition.  And something even the most battle-scared operative lacks:  she cares, sometimes too much.  Which is why she is nursing a broken heart and telling herself she will never fall in love again.

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