Sword of Allah

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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Crime Fiction
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Papua New Guinea
Persian Gulf
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In Papua New Guinea, primitive highlanders are armed with AK-47's. In the Persian Gulf, a fishing boat has a sinister cargo. At a luxury hotel in Manila, a financial planner' has a rendezvous with men on the world's Most Wanted list. In Israel's West Bank, the unwinnable war continues to rage. And in Canberra, top intelligence and police specialists assemble to find out why terrorists from either side of the world are joining forces in Australia's back yard. Present is Sergeant Tom Wilkes of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. Wilkes is seconded to the US Central Intelligence Agency where he spearheads the action team set up to fight the latest extremist menace, a plan more monstrous than anyone - even the experts - could have foretold.

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