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Tessa Vance
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Ballantine Books
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Crime Fiction
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Introducing Senior Detective Tessa Vance. Jennifer Rowe's brilliant, intuitive homicide investigator now featuring in the outstanding televison series Murder Call.

A series of bizarre and mystifying murders plunges Tessa Vance into a hunt for an obsessive killer while a terrifying shadow from the past threatens to overhwhelm her. This is Tessa's first case with her new Homicide division. She has to prove herself - especially to her new partner, Steve Hayden. She knows there won't be any second chances. And this killer is clever, ruthless, implacable.

The grotesque clues left at the crime scenes lead nowhere. The murderer's victims seem to have nothing in common. But Tessa knows that the deaths form a pattern. Her discovery of just what that pattern is shocks her and surprises her. But more shocking is the twist that turns the investigation on its head, and propels Tessa & Steve into a deadly race against time.

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