Robin Bowles becomes Australia's True Crime Queen

Sisters in Crime member Robin Bowles has tapped her way into fame (if not fortune)  by becoming Australia's True Crime Queen during the past 13 years and 12 books. Now she is going to be featured (in a by line) in a Channel 9 movie event based on her best-selling book, Blood Brother. In the book about the 1993 murder of the entire Gilham family by one of the sons, who pulled the wool over the eyes of investigators for 12 years, Robin tells the story of how a callous murderer was finally brought to justice.

The telemovie will screen on a Sunday night after 60 Minutes, probably in May this year.  The feature is now in production by Playmaker Media, starring Lisa McCune, Tony Martin and Frankie J Holden, with Michael Dorman (Secret Life of Us) playing a chilling rendition of Jeffrey Gilham.

Gilham is now serving a double life sentence alongside Ivan Milat, Bilal Skaf and other unsavoury characters at Bowral Maximum Security Prison, NSW. He claims innocence, but only four people really know what happened in that  house that night and three of them are dead.

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