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Once Were Cops
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Michael O'Shea is a member of Ireland's police force, known as the Guards.  He's also a sociopath who walks a knife-edge between sanity and all-out mayhem.  When an exchange program is initiated and twenty Guards come to America and twenty cops from the States go to Ireland, Shea, as he's known, has his lifelong dream come true - he becomes a member of the NYPD.  But Shea's dream is about to become New York's nightmare.

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WOW!! A wow book. What is a wow book? A wow book is a book that has you glued to the pages, resenting every interruption. A wow book sees your hubby putting his head around the bedroom door saying, “aren’t you getting up today?” A wow book finds you lying in the bathtub and realising with a jolt you’ve been in there so long reading this book that the water has nearly gone cold.
ONCE WERE COPS by Ken Bruen is a WOW book.  
No one could ever in their wildest dreams describe Bruen’s writing as cozy. Bruen is contemporary noir. Midnight noir.. His writing is to the point and punchy in every sense of the word. Pick up a Ken Bruen novel and you’re hooked.  I guarantee your bath-water will be ice-cold before you know it.

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