New Toy - Asus eeePad Transformer

Really needed another ereader in this house.  Honestly we did.  But what we really were contemplating was a tablet.  I'd never in a pink fit buy a shopping device disguised as an ereader - hardwiring myself to a single bookshop / outlet / format - loathe that sort of lockdown in everything - hardware / operating systems / platforms - anything.  So have been looking at various tablet options, and had already purchased a few cheap Android devices just to get a feel for what's around.   (Perfectly useable, not quite as flexible as what I ultimately wanted, even though we use all the devices around here for specific purposes).

Was very very pleased therefore to find / purchase and now been happily using this gadget for a little while now:

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

With the detachable keyboard this is almost too perfect to be true.

Used as a tablet it has all the features / capacity you'd expect of a really good, responsive and elegant tablet device.

Add the keyboard and you've got a device which makes actually responding to email / working with files possible.

As it's running Android the apps on it and my Smartphone are easy to synchronise - and I have already loaded a client for, Dymocks, Kindle, and Kobo - as well as downloaded ebooks purchased from Angus & Robertson, Read without Paper and other locations. 

The provided elibrary app is easy to use and interacts with all the "shop fronts" which makes a simple, one stop shop interface for accessing the books - regardless of where I've purchased them from.

The book catalogue software I use runs on it (which includes the ability to turn the camera into a scanner for reading barcodes... best thing in the world in a bricks and mortar when I'm trying to remember if we've got a particular DTB).

WiFi enabled, excellent storage, and the added benefit of a battery in the keyboard and the tablet - so increasing the battery life markedly.

Honestly it couldn't be better if it tried.


Now this I like! I'm not a fan of G's iPad and my little netbook isok but could be better. I'll stick with my ereader though. Rm ;)

it's definitely my favourite ereader device - and it fits in my handbag which is a huge bonus... but this thing as a tablet - it's fantastic.

We've also got a couple of netbooks which I like... although since the arrival of this tablet, mine's getting increasingly under-used when travelling around - the tablet does everything I need now and with the keyboard is very useable for email etc.

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