MAVIS LEVACK, P.I. - Marele Day

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Mavis Levack
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Private investigating is what Mavis Levack has in mind, but unlike private investigators in those TV shows, Mavis doesn't have people conveniently dropping dead at her feet.  Also, there's her husband Eddy, calling her a busybody when really she is just an acute observer of human nature.

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Personally I think I agree with Eddy - Mavis is a busybody.  She's also a bored housewife, living in a flat with her retired husband, desperate for something to break the monotony of life.  When Claudia Valentine drops in to peak through the curtains as part of her investigation in The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender, Mavis is intrigued - and she's unstoppable.
This is a series of short stories all about Mavis and the way that she can manage to turn anything into an investigation - if the dead bodies aren't dropping at her feet - then she'll chase down your missing garden gnome for you.  Teetering close to suffocatingly cosy, Day keeps Mavis just this side of slappable by giving her a startingly active sex life and a good sense of humour, these short stories are light, amusing and entertaining.  Definitely one for fans of the light-hearted.

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