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Margot Neville - actually two sisters, Ann Neville Goyder Joske (1887-1966) and Margot Goyder (1907-1975). They wrote successful plays, novels and two screenplays under the joint pseudonym from 1923, coming to detective fiction with Murder in Rockwater (1944). They also wrote a play with Joan Lindsay, author of Picnic at Hanging Rock. In all they wrote 22 crime novels, mostly police procedurals set in Sydney, with detectives Grogan and Manning.


  • Murder in Rockwater 1944 (aka Lena Hates Men)
  • Murder and Gardenias 1946
  • Murder in A Blue Moon 1948
  • Murder of A Nymph 1949
  • Come, Thick Night 1951 (aka Divining Rod For Murder)
  • Murder Before Marriage 1951
  • The Seagull Said Murder 1952
  • Murder of the Well Beloved 1953
  • Murder and Poor Jenny 1954
  • The Hateful Voyage 1956
  • Murder of Olympia 1956
  • Murder To Welcome Her 1957
  • The Flame of Murder 1958
  • Sweet Night For Murder 1959
  • Confession of Murder 1960
  • Murder Beyond the Pale 1961
  • Drop Dead 1962
  • Come See Me Die 1963
  • My Bad Boy 1964
  • Ladies in the Dark 1965
  • Head on the Sill 1966

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