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The Last Exile
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Trust No One.

After acting on false intelligence, officer Paul Tallis shoots a suspected terrorist in a Birmingham shopping centre.  Suspended from his job, his career is over.

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Trust No One used to be a favourite mantra in a previous life, so it gave me a bit of a smile to see that as the heading on the back cover of this book when it arrived.

This was one of those books that a few trusted reading compatriots had been discussing, so I thought I would buy a copy and see what I thought.  This note is therefore a little less of a formal review and a little more of a memory jog for me, as I understand there is a subsequent book in the series (could be more by now I've not checked).

As the blurb says, Paul Tallis, in his role as an intelligence officer, shoots dead a suspected terrorist in an opening scene that is very reminiscent of the shooting of a suspect in the London Underground a while ago.  In THE LAST EXILE, Tallis is suspended, and his career is dead, until a year later he is approached by a shadowy figure working for MI5.

This was one of those books that did a lot of setting up in the early part and it was a bit of a chore to stick with it until about one third in and things start to ramp up.  Well worth sticking past the initial grind, this turned out to be a reasonably good thriller, with a nicely complex and flawed central character.

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