Introducing Amanda Valentine

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Amanda Valentine
Year of Publication: 
Naiad Press
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Author's Home Country: 
New Zealand
Categories & Groupings
Crime Fiction
Sub Genre: 
Gay & Lesbian Fiction
New Zealand
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Book Synopsis

Originally from New York City, Amanda moved to the other side of the planet to escape memories of her lover's brutal death in the precinct house where Amanda worked as a homicide detective.

Now the highest ranked female cop in sleepy New Zealand, she is in pursuit of a monster the press has dubbed the Garbage Dump Killer and her task force has been resoundingly unsuccessful. To make matters worse, Jezebel, an informer Amanda cares about, has been savagely beaten for reasons she is too terrified to divulge.

All this, and glamorous blond reporter, Debbie Daley, just won't leave Amanda alone.

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