Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta

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Inspector Anders
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Crime Fiction
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It's autumn in the E.U. and the temperature is falling in more ways than one when Inspector Anders is ordered back to Italy.

Two right-wing politicians have been murdered with an identical, bizarre M.O.  The Government is screaming 'terrorists' and the Prime Minister wants the famous terrorist-hunter on the case.  But the Milan police are hardly welcoming, and the one-legged Anders is unhappy to return.  Only the Mafia is delighted. 

As further high-level killings shock the nation, Anders tenaciously peels back layer after layer of falsity in the financial and political worlds.  But the reason for the killings and the identity of the perpetrators remain elusive.  Locked into one of his exotic hunches, and swinging between Milan and Verona, Anders agonises over whether he is being sidetracked.  The Honoured Society has sworn to kill him on Italian soil and Anders' greatest challenge is to stay alive.

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