Eden Prime

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Jonas Blackthorne
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Zeus Publications
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South East Asia
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In the increasingly turbulent atmosphere of international environmentalism, the once peaceful grass roots climate change group – The Eden Movement - has been covertly taken over by the mysterious figure known only to his legion of radical followers as Prime.

At the same time, an increasing number of high ranking Australian military officials and senior ASIO intelligence analysts are contracting an untraceable and fast-acting virus with a 100 percent fatality rate.

With few clues and precious little time, Sentinel operative Jonas ‘Witch Doctor’ Blackthorne must unravel this mysterious plot and locate the shadowy figure at the centre of the chaos.

For unbeknownst to the world at large, The Eden Movement is on the very tip of the iceberg in a deadly plan that will risk the lives of billions and forever alter the future of the entire human race.

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