THE DARK SIDE - Roger Rogerson

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The Dark Side
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Roger Rogerson hasn't been a police officer for more than 20 years.  Yet his name makes him the most well-known 'detective-sergeant' in Australia.

He has been the subject of articles, appearances, profiles and books; portrayed in TV dramas; and recorded by covert listening devices at home for months.

Rogerson took up his own pen in prison.  Out, he walked the club and pub speaking circuit, where he found a ready audience for his tales of law and mayhem.  He now writes for newspapers.

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Reading the autobiography of someone who has become notorious for whatever reason is always a little difficult; especially if there has been past misdeeds or alleged crimes. Just how much of the truth are you really getting? After all you're only getting their side of the story and there's nothing in the way of critical analysis of that story.
I doubt that Rogerson was telling "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." There is little or no mention about the events that made him so notorious although his accounts of cases he worked on are interesting enough. You get the picture of what would be called an old time traditional detective who isn't averse to bending the rules to achieve and outcome. Just how far those rules were bent is left to the individual to decide. 

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