Currently Reading - Vanishing Point, Pat Flower

There has been a bit of discussion around blogs recently about forgotten books and this morning's Blow off the Dust post on The Rap Sheet seemed particularly appropriate as an incentive to join the ranks of reading some old forgotten books.  Firstly because we're surrounded by dust storms, and secondly because I got hold of some old favourites recently.  So today I'm going to pick up Vanishing Point by Pat Flower originally published in 1975.

From the blurb:

'Cruel, egotistical Nigel, a thistledown, a cheap balloon whisking willy-nilly away from the piercing, deflating needle of her fine judgement.'

Geraldine needs to keep her cool through the highs and the lows, but it's madenning when Noel keeps missing the point.

Opening Lines:

The tent was orange and claustrophobic.  Geraldine lay inside it on her stretcher and wished Noel were with her, making love.  He was right to say there was not enough room for comfort.  But Geraldine remembered their first wile love when room and comfort went out the window.

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