Currently Reading - The Unknown Terrorist, Richard Flanagan

This is a book I've had for a while now, and I could have sworn it was the book we were supposed to be reading for our next f2f meeting - but it's not.  Didn't matter.  Fantastic book.

From the Blurb:

Richard Flanagan's previous novels, including Gould's Book of Fish, have been some of the most acclaimed and beloved works of fiction in recent years. He has been described as "a master of sleight of hand, adept at using words to conjure worlds, an indefatigable artist" by Michiko Kakutani in The New York Times. His explosive fourth novel holds a mirror to contemporary Australia. In its terrifying reflection we see the image of the Doll, a 26-year-old Sydney pole dancer – a flawed woman, racist, obsessed with money – who finds her life suddenly being destroyed by the things she has up until that moment most firmly believed in. The Unknown Terrorist is a relentless tour de force that has been praised around the world. It paints a devastating picture of a contemporary society gone haywire, where the ceaseless drumbeat of terror alert levels, newsbreaks, and fear of the unknown pushes a nation ever closer to breaking point.

Opening Lines:

The idea that love is not enough is a particularly painful one.  In the face of its truth, humanity has for centuries tried to discover in itself evidence that love is the greatest force on earth.

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