Currently Reading - The Tower, Michael Duffy

It's always very pleasing to see a new local author popup on the shelves of the local bookshops, and Michael Duffy will be a name known already to many newspaper readers and listeners to Radio National.  It was particularly pleasing to find a previously unknown (to me at least) connection to The Saints'.  To hear The Tower's theme, The Saints' recording of Sydney crime song 'Water and Wine', go to

From the Blurb:

Young detective Nicholas Troy is basically a good man, for whom homicide investigations are the highest form of police work.  But when a woman falls from the construction site for the world's tallest skyscraper, the tortured course of the murder investigation that follows threatens to destroy his vocation.

Opening Lines:

The woman was falling close to the building, down the face of the enormous, unfinished skyscraper.  She fell in silence, turning slowly, through the mist and light rain.

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