Currently Reading - Torn Apart, Peter Corris

I have read a few books recently that I've not had time to mention - but as the latest Cliff Hardy officially hits the stores tomorrow - Torn Apart is a book worth mentioning.  It's been really interesting to come back to Cliff's stories after a bit of a break in the middle of the series, where I thought it all got a bit same old same old.  The last few books, however, have been really tremendous.  Perhaps now that Cliff has lost his licence, is independently wealthy, his attitude has changed a little as well - he's always been a bit of a maverick, a lone wolf type.  But now there's an extra edge - he's not working for the man / dollar anymore - he's working for himself. 

From the Blurb:

Cliff Hardy may be semi-retired but he's as resolute as ever in fighting for justice and tracking down wrongdoers.  Hardy has never been much of a family man, so when he meets his second cousin Patrick Malloy it's like being hit with a left hook to the solar plexus - Malloy is his double.  Cliff and his cousin become friends and head overseas to attend a gathering of the Irish Travellers - a gypsy-like folk from whom they are descended.

Opening Lines:

The surgeon who took out the bullet that had nearly killed me told me that I needed to lead a quieter life.  Interesting choice of words.  After the death of Lily Truscott, my partner of several years, a heart attack and bypass surgery and a near fatal bullet wound, I agreed that I needed something.  But what?

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