Currently Reading - So Cold the River, Michael Koryta

This is the latest novel from Michael Koryta - yet another author that I'm dreadfully behind with.  Picking up this one goes some way towards fixing that, but I do have to read a few from his backlist as well.

From the Blurb:

It starts with a beautiful woman and a challenge.  Out of the blue, Eric Shaw is approached by Alyssa Bradford with a unique project, an open cheque book and a quest - to investigate her father-in-law's mysterious past.  His film career going nowhere, Eric takes the job, though all he has to go on is the name of Campbell Bradford's hometown and an antique water bottle he kept his entire life.

Opening Lines:

You looked for the artifacts of their ambition.  That was what a sociology professor had said one day in a freshman seminar, and Eric Shaw had liked something about the phrase, wrote it and only it in a notebook that would soon be forgotten and then discarded.

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