Currently Reading - Smoke and Mirrors, Kel Robertson

Am I feeling vaguely satisfied.    Yes

Do I have a slghtly silly grin on my face.  Yes

Am I drunk.  Not yet.

What I am is the happy new holder of a copy of the second Brad Chen novel - SMOKE AND MIRRORS by Kel Robertson.

Cue happy sigh and a bit of giggling.

Who is cooking dinner tonight around here.  Not me. 

I'll be in a corner reading. 

From the Blurb:

Ace detective Brad Chen is lured back to work by the double murder of a Whitlam government minister and the editor of his political memoirs.  Solving the murders, while searching for a missing friend, Chen is plunged into the murky worlds of international espionage and organised crime.  The body count rises as Chen uncovers the deadly secret behind the most momentous events in Australian political history.

Opening Lines:

In the last video I'd watched with Talkative, years before, there'd been no crime scene, no forensic team and no corpse - only endless takes of his two-year-old catapulting her food around the kitchen and administering tough love to their tired old Labrador.

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