Currently Reading - The Simple Death, Michael Duffy

The second Nicholas Troy book from Michael Duffy was released originally in January.  This looks like a bit of a doorstopper of a book, but it's very quick to read.  Follows on very closely from the action in THE TOWER, although I suspect you could read them out of order if you wanted to.

From the Blurb:

A man has come off the Manly Ferry and Detective Nicholas Troy investigates but he is distracted.  His mentor, Father Luke Corelli has been accused of abusing a young boy years before.  To Troy's dismay he's not denying the charge and nor is the Catholic Church trying to defend his name.  Troy's ambitious and attractive colleague Susan Conti is newly single and his eccentric boss, Jon McIvor, would rather be singing the blues than following leads.

Opening Lines:

The ferry's motion altered, no longer a pleasure cruise on the protected waters of the harbour.  The big boat began to rock, struck by the surge rolling in from the ocean.

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