Currently Reading - Shadow Sister, Simone van der Vlugt

This alphabetical catchup of review books is really flushing some gems of books that I just absolutely should have read before.  Van Der Vlugt's first book THE REUNION was a terrific book and this one is even better!

From the Blurb:

Lydia and Elisa, twin sisters identical in appearance, different in every other way.

Lydia has her life in order and opinions on everything, from her husband's business to her sister's friends, to her fellow teachers.  If only those around her could live up to her high standards.  But when a student, Bilal, pulls a knife on Lydia her perfect life beings to unravel.

Opening Lines:

All of a sudden he's got a knife.  The flash as he draws it, so unexpected fear paralyses me.  I try to speak, but the sound dies in my throat.  I can only stare at the blade glinting in the light streaming through the classroom windows.

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