Currently Reading - Rick Dunlop Cases, R M Davey

First book from local first time crime fiction author, Rick Dunlop Cases:  The Maclay Murder and other Mysteries arrived for review recently.

From the Blurb:

Ex DI RIck Dunlop is forced to write his memoir for his guidance counsellor after a certain case for the Victorian Police finds him "mentally unfit for active duty" and turns him into a social outcast.  Ten months on, he has managed to find gainful employment with Jeff, another cast-off from the ranks of the esteemed men in blue, and now proprietor of Fitzroy Field Investigations.

Opening LInes:

"So, what do you think of this?" Jeff asked me from behind his paper.

"What?"  I answered irritably.  For an hour I had been sitting in his office, which he continued reading, seemingly totally oblivious to my presence.

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