Currently Reading - Paydirt, Garry Disher

It's been "one of those months" - so I've returned to a favourite old series because I was looking for something engaging, quick and different.  Garry Disher's Wyatt is such a refreshing character - a thief, professional, ruthless, dangerous and absolutely captivating.  So PayDirt - originally published in 1992.

Even given the age, the lack of mobile telephones, gadgets and gizmos really isn't all that obvious - and boy did this gallop along.  Perfect.

From the Blurb:

Wyatt is back in a new adventure set on the far side of morality.  Introduced in Kickback, Garry Disher's bestselling, widely praised crime novel, Wyatt reappears in the South Australian outback, intent on snatching a payroll.  But Wyatt is not the only one eyeing the funds.

Opening Lines:

The work was dirty, the little town a joke, but Wyatt was interested only in the advantages - they didn't know who he was, there were no cops, and no one was expecting a payroll snatch.

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