Currently Reading - Our Lady of Pain, Elena Forbes

This is the follow on book from Die With Me - which I was lucky enough to review when it first came out.  I've really been looking forward to the second featuring DI Mark Tartaglia and DS Sam Donovan.  I'm reading this as part of an online discussion at Murder & Mayhem.

From the Blurb

'Under the dazzling glare of the electric lamp, Tartaglia saw the naked body of a young woman.  She was kneeling down in the snow, head bent right over touching the ground, her face almost hidden beneath a tangle of pale blonde hair.  He felt cold just to look at her.'

The young woman was Rachel Tenison, a wealthy West End art dealer, who led what appeared to be a normal, fulfilled life.  But as DI Mark Tartaglia and DS Sam Donovan scratch away at the surface, a darker, secret side emerges.

Opening Lines

It was seven in the morning but so dark it might have been midnight.  Snowflakes whirled like moths in the orange glow of the street lamps, blurring the skeletal outline of the trees, settling on the thick crust that already covered the ground.

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