Currently Reading - No Weather for a Burial, David Owen

Like there would be a new Pufferfish mystery in the house that I wouldn't pick up immediately.  Especially as this wasn't the easiest book in the world to get hold of.

But the joy of a new Pufferfish entry is just fantastic.

From the Blurb:

How long should long service leave be?

Pufferfish, aka Detective Inspector Franz Heineken, scourge of Tasmania's villains, is back.  And back with a seriously refreshed vengeance.  Pufferfish, prickly, curmudgeonly and irony-charged as ever, is attracted to an unusual stench in his island paradise:  a badly decomposing corpse with no name, identity altered prior to execution, victim of a puzzling mix of professionalism and panic.

Opening Lines:

There's nothing like a bit of long service leave to put the pips back in a Detective Inspector's core.

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