Currently Reading - This Night's Foul Work, Fred Vargas

I love this series so I have no idea why I'm always running late with it.  Commissaire Adamsberg is one of those slightly eccentric, slightly rumpled, slightly off kilter characters who solves the unsolvable partly because of perserverence, partly because he's very good at shaking trees and standing back to see what falls, and partly because he thinks... a lot. 

From the Blurb:

On the outskirts of Paris, two men are discovered with their throats cut.  In Normandy, two stags have been killed and their hearts cut out.  Meanwhile, a seventy-five-year-old nurse who had murdered several of her patients has escaped from prison.  Is there a connection between the three cases?

Opening Lines:

By fixing his curtain to one side with a clothes-peg, Lucio could better observe the new neighbour at his leisure.  The newcomer, who was small and dark, had stripped to the waist despite the chilly March breeze and was building a wall of breeze-blocks without using a plumb-line.

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