Currently Reading - Mosquito Creek, Robert Engwerda

Like I'd have a book set in the Victorian Goldfields lying around here for long.   It's just fascinating to read anything set in this vast part of Victoria, in the days of the goldrush - although this book is set somewhere higher and on the other side of Bendigo from me :)  Mind you, reading about floods in the goldfields - strangely alluring after this drought...

From the Blurb:

Under ceaseless rains, the Murray has burst its banks and engulfed the remote Mosquito Creek goldfield.  Life on the diggings just got even tougher.

As disease adds to the camp's miseries, a suspiciously abandoned tent suggests frictions have turned murderous.  The experienced Sergeant Niall Kennedy knows that things are not always as they seem.  But if the missing digger is on the run, what is he running from?

Opening Lines:

Charles Stanfield, the Mosquito Creek goldfield commissioner, shivered in his coat as he surveyed the floodwaters spilling to the north. 

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