Currently Reading - The Merry Misogynist, Colin Cotterill

This is such a wonderful series, I was more than happy to squeeze this book in amongst some of the more serious / dark books I've been reading recently.

From the Blurb:

Somebody in Laos is wooing and wedding country girls - and then killing them on honeymoon and binding their bodies to trees.  The horror of what this monster does to his victims leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Chief Coroner Dr Siri and his morgue team.  Not ones to stand around tutting, they vow immediate revenge.

Opening Lines:

By the time the calendar pages had flipped around to 1978, Vientiane, the capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Laos, had become a dour place to live.  The fun had been squeezed out of it like the hard-to-come-by juice of a durian.  It was flat and colourless and starting to feel sorry for itself.

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