Currently Reading - Meaner than Fiction, Lindy Cameron

Okay, so it's gone past fibbing and now I'm lying.  I needed a book to fill in the train trip into Melbourne for this past weekend's Crime & Justice festival (which was fabulous incidentally).  So I took Meaner than Fiction with me and it was just perfect, and I finished it that night in the hotel.  Contains a series of stories about Failed Justice from authors Lindy Cameron, PD Martin, Kerry Greenwood, Shelley Robertson, Susan Metcalfe, Leigh Redhead, Kathryn Deans, Robin Bowles, Liz Filleul and Lucy Sussex.

From the Blurb:

Just where is justice in Australia hiding?  This brilliant new collection of true crime stories takes us into the Australian courts of the 1980s and '90s, back in time to the goldfields of the 1860s, and out to the island nation of Nauru in 2006 to explore how the scales of justice are unbalanced.  This is a world in which the innocent still get locked up and the guilty too often go free.

This collection is a must for all lovers of true crime.  It will shock, outrage and intrigue.

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