Currently Reading - Love is in the Air-Conditioning, Scott Bywater

Another book that's been in my mind as something to track down, has just lept into my hands demanding to be read.  To be honest I feel the need for something a little quirky - hopefully funny, so we'll see how we go.

From the Blurb:

Self-appointed private investigator Sam Chauvel finds himself back in the corporate world.

He's working undercover at consulting power-house HemmingsLloyd, a small firm that thinks big, rubbing shoulders with the wheelers and dealers, the movers and shakers, the masters and mistresses of methodology.  He does coffee, he does lunch, he does email, he does drinks.

Who is helping him?  Who is leading him astray? Which loveable lunatics, canines, activists and former pop stars are distracting him with domestic, environmental and techological issues?

Opening Lines:

It felt good.  4.15pm on a Wednesday afternoon in the late summer. Striding through the cold, hard, airy lobby.  A dark blue suit with crisp lines that still carried a lingering fragrance of dry cleaner.  Shoes shiny and clean.  As someone once said, I didn't care who knew it.

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