Currently Reading - The Last Exile, E.V. Seymour

I may be very behind with writing reviews at the moment, but there's nothing at all like the dreaded lurgy to get you way ahead with reading.  This is the first book from E.V. Seymour (the next book - The Mephisto Threat was released in July 2009).

From the Blurb:

After acting on false intelligence, officer Paul Tallis shoots a suspected terrorist in a Birmingham shopping centre.  Suspended from his job, his career is over.

A year later, Tallis is approached by a shadowy figure working for MI5.  The offer is simple - unearth four illegal immigrants accidentally released from prison and hand them over to the authorities.

Opening Lines:

The woman was running.  Running for her life.  Small and sinewy, she moved at speed, twisting like a desperate vixen.  But there was no escape.  Not for anyone.  She knew it.  Tallis knew it.

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