Currently Reading - A Killing Frost, R.D. Wingfield

Looking for something slightly more on the Comfort Read scale night before last I switched to this book on one of the tablet E-Readers.  It's just so lovely to spend time in the mayhem and lunacy of Denton.  Which I know sounds weird given the subject matter of the book, but at least with a Frost novel you know that he'll right the wrongs at the end, no matter how much the hierarchy gets up his nose and in his road.

From the Blurb:

A human foot has been discovered in Denton woods, a multiple rapist is on the loose, and the local supermarket has reported poisoned stock. Then two young girls are declared missing, and the Denton crime wave reaches terrifying heights.

As DI Jack Frost staggers exhausted from case to case, something nasty arrives at the station in the form of DCI Skinner. The scheming, slippery Skinner's first job is to manipulate the transfer of the unorthodox Frost to another division.

Will Frost find the missing girls before his new nemesis forces him away from Denton once and for all?

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