Currently Reading - Kickback, Garry Disher

There's a new Wyatt on the way - so I'm catching up on the couple that I've been waiting to read for a while - Kickback being the first of them.

From the Blurb:

Wyatt robs banks, and lifts payrolls.  Most men like him are dead or in gaol.  But Wyatt stamps a cold, pitiless style on his heists - and makes sure that he never gets caught.

Opening Lines:

Wyatt tensed.  A silver BMW had emerged from the driveway of the Frome place.  The headlights plunged, then levelled, as the car entered Lansell Road.  Wyatt counted heads:  Frome driving, his wife next to him, kids in the back.  He checked the time - 8pm - and watched the BMW disappear in the direction of Toorak Road.

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