Currently Reading - Dry Dock, Cathy Cole

Back to the pile of unread Australian books that I keep hoarding away.  I must try harder to read the occasional book from this pile - it's threatening to topple and flatten a dog on any given day   The most recent I've grabbed from there starts off:

"I stand on the wooden deck of the Dawn Fraser pool and watch the Wednesday afternoon yachts tack towards Birkenhead Point.  The sun is hot on my bare back.  My legs are itchy.  Perhaps it's the harbour water.  Perhaps I've been stung by jelly blubbers.  A little boy behind me is shrieking because his friend is throwing sand.  is mother talks softly to her companion about a neighbour who's getting divorced.  A man in tight green swimmers watches me over the top of his Ray bans.  My body is lean and my calf muscles clench like a fist each time I kick off from the pool's slimy steps.  My hair is short, the tips bleached.  My friends say I look like Annie Lennox."

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