Currently Reading - Document Z, Andrew Croome

This book is was a winner in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards of 2010 and the Vogel Literary Award - so I was interested to read this.  Also the premise is interesting - the story of the Petrov defection - from their points of view.

From the Blurb:

Canberra, 1951.  The Cold War is at its height.  Into an atmosphere of paranoia, rumour and suspicion, Vladimir and Evdokia Petrov are among a group of new arrivals at the Soviet Embassy in Canberra.  Both are party loyalists, working for the MVD, Moscow intelligence.  Yet all is not well in the new city of Canberra.  The atmosphere in the Embassy is tense and suspicious; the Ambassador resents their presence, and is secretly working to have Vladimir disgraced and recalled.  In the meantime, ASIO is determined to discover who in this new group works for the MVD.

Opening Lines:

Lockyer Street was as wide as the streets in a Hollywood dream.

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