Currently Reading - Disco for the Departed, Colin Cotterill

Well Eurovision is over for another year - time to put away the Serbian cookbooks, dust off the Russian ones and start saving up for the caviar for next year's party.  Now I can get back to concentrating on some reading - well once the slight hangover has gone away at least.  I have actually been reading this book for a few days, just haven't had a chance to post anything on it yet.  I have got to say with each book I love Dr Siri more and more.  Sure the books have a healthy dose of woo woo, but Dr Siri is a Sharman in his native land and culture.  And Mr Geung is a very strong character in this book as well - undertaking a massive journey because of duty.  But more in the review to come.

"Dr Siri lay beneath the grimy mesh of the mosquito net watching the lizard's third attempt.  Twice, the small grey creature had scurried up the wall and ventured out across the ceiling.  On both occasions the unthinkable had happened.  The animal had lost its grip and come plummeting down with a splat onto the bare concrete of the guesthouse floor.  For a house lizard this is the equivalent of a man coming unstuck from the ground and falling up with a crash onto the ceiling  Siri could see the stunned confusion on its little puckered face.  It looked around to get its bearings then headed once more for the wall."

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