Currently Reading - The Crossing, B Michael Radburn

From the Blurb:

Redemption is born of guilt, and weighs heavy on even the strongest man.

Traumatised by the disappearance of his daughter Claire, Taylor Bridges' marriage breaks down, and he exiles himself to Glorys Crossing in Tasmania. Taylor is the only ranger in this isolated town adjoining a national park... a town dying a slow death as the rising waters of the new dam project slowly flood it.

Struggling with the guilt of Claire's disappearance, Taylor is a chronic sleepwalker. When another young girl the same age goes missing, Taylor begins to question himself... uncertain of what happens when he sleepwalks.

It's a race against time not just to find the missing girl, but in Taylor's search for redemption and a past better left lying at the bottom of the new lake.


Awesome, awesome! read it in one sitting could NOT put it down/ should come with a warning - Do not start this book in the evening if you want some sleep - lol.....seriously - fantastic book right up there with King and Koontz - maybe even with more believable characters cannot wait for your next one

An avid aussie reader

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