Currently Reading - Like Clockwork, Margie Orford

From the pile of books that I should have read ages ago....

From the Blurb:

When a beautiful young woman is found murdered on Cape Town's Seapoint promenade, police profiler Dr Clare Hart is drawn into the web of a brutal serial killer.  As more bodies are discovered, Clare is forced to revisit memories of the horrific rape of her twin sister and the gang ties that bind the city's crime rings.  Are the murders really linked to human trafficking, or is the killer just playing sick games with her?

Opening Lines:

The man watches the cigarette burning between the fingers of his right hand.  The cuff of his silk shirt strains against his lean wrist, the cuff link glinting in the artificial light.  Although the room is hidden at the centre of the house - a warren of rooms and passages - he hears the thud-thud of slammed car doors in the garage.

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