Currently Reading - Bright Air, Barry Maitland

Bright Air is the latest from well known writer Barry Maitland  It's a standalone - not part of the Brock and Kolla series. 

The synopsis:

On a cliff-face in New Zealand, two men fall to their deaths.  Four years before, another member of the same close-knit group of university climbing friends, the bright and beautiful Luce, also died, supposedly in a climbing accident.  As the circle of friends dwindles, two of the surviving members, Luce's ex-lover Josh and best friend Anna, see a new significance in her death.  In an attempt to uncover the truth, Josh and Anna follow the trail to Lord Howe Island, where they begin to suspect an island-wide conspiracy to hide what really happened.  Had Luce uncovered a dangerous secret - one that was still worth killing for?

The opening line:

"Love casts a strange light over everything.  I recall the moment precisely, as if watching a loop of dazzling film played at half speed."

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