Currently Reading - The Boundary, Nicole Watson

I picked this book up pretty well as soon as it arrived as it's one there's been a lot of discussion about recently.  More in review to come.

From the Blurb:

Long ago, Meston Park in Brisbane's West End marked the city's boundary. A curfew kept its Aboriginal population outside the city limits after dark.

When the park becomes the site of a multi-million dollar development, the Corrowa People vow to fight and file a native title claim. Hours after rejecting the claim, Justice Bruce Brosnan is brutally murdered.

Some believe it is the work of an ancient assassin, returned to destroy the boundary.

Opening Lines:

Face buried in the marble.  Crown is bare and pale, skirted by tufts of black hair locked in a macabre dance with bloody tissue.  Feathers circle like reefs surrounding an island.  Chards of green glass whisper dry white wine.  Jason breathes in the floral perfume.  Subtle and classic, but young.

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