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Okay, so the new system is still working - I'm up to "B".  This is my choice from the B pile, and I've got a B review book lined up as well, but as this is one of the first debut books to win the CWA Gold Dagger for <cough> years (can't remember exactly how many but it's lots), I've been meaning to pick it up.  Sometimes a system is a very good thing.

From the Blurb:

Dear Mr Avery

I am looking for WP.  Can you help me?


SL, 111 Barnstaple Road, Shipcott, Somerset.

He was only twelve, he reasoned he couldn't be expected to get stuff like writing to serial killers right first time.

Opening Lines:

Exmoor dripped with dirty bracken, rough, colour-less grass, prickly gorse and last year's heather, so black it looked as if wet fire had swept across the landscape, taking the trees with it and leaving the moor cold and exposed to face the winter unprotected.

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