Crime & Justice Festival at the Convent 17th-19th July, 2009 - Tickets Ordered

Well, the programme for this festival was released this morning, so we've just faxed off our bookings (I'm lucky enough to be going for the 2 days of the weekend, Adam will come down and join me on the Sunday).

The programme's online at

So we've booked for:

Tales from the Dark Side - Rochelle Jackson, Colin McLaren and Susanna Lobez with Shirley Hardy-Rix

Spotlight on Stuart MacBride - (and me without my own beardy bloke for the day :) )

Criminal Conversations - Garry Disher talks to Barry Maitland

The Great Crime Fighting Debate - Sue Turnbull and Vikki Petraitis for the Sisters in Crime and Robert Gott and Stuart MacBride for the brothers-in-law (hopefully Robert will have recovered from his recent drubbing at a Sisters in Crime meeting in similar circumstances!)  Adjudicated by Lindy Cameron.

The Perfect Crime - Getting Your Research Right with Mark Abernethy, Fiona McIntosh, Barry Maitland and Clare Forster.

True Crime and Fictional Crime with Judge Elizabeth King, Lindy Cameron, Jill Wood and Kerry Greenwood.

Location, Location, Location - Anatomy of a Crime Scene - with Garry Disher, Nick Gadd, Fiona McIntosh and Angela Savage.

Tolerance with Irfan Yusuf (he's going to whilst I go to) Scotland:  A Great Place for Murder with Barry Maitland and Stuart MacBride.

Murder She Wrote Before Anyone Else with Lucy Sussex.

New Voices with Nick Gadd, Robert Sims and Angela Savage.

The Fourth Estate - Journalism and Crime Fiction with Rochelle Jackson, Linwood Barclay, Mark Abernethy and Robert Sims.

The biggest problem I can forsee is carting all the books I want signed down on the train - I might need a couple of suitcases.....

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