Crime & Justice Festival

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend at The Crime and Justice Festival (run by excellent bookshop Readers' Feast) in Melbourne this past weekend.

The third year this festival has been held it's a great time to catch up with friends (all of whom I know from online book discussion groups), sit in some thought provoking (or just flat out amusing) panels, get some favourite books signed, listen to some favourite authors, eat a little, drink a little (stop spluttering - we're restrained... sort of), buy some books, talk about books, talk about stuff and generally enjoy.

This year we were lucky enough to hear Kerry Greenwood (Festival Patron) talk about her life as a legal aid solicitor, Garry Disher, Adrian Hyland, Sulari Gentill, Felicity Young, Robert Gott, David Hewson, Angela Savage, Russell Robinson amongst lots and lots of other people.  We heard tales of court life; tales of the Painters and Dockers; ideas on how to get your book noticed, published and what to do once that happens; a glimpse of how your own personal experience does (and doesn't) inform your writing; and nicely this year, we heard some readings from authors from their books.

It is a great weekend in a beautiful location, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - looking forward to next year I can tell you.

(You'll notice a few new books purchased over the weekend... only a few.  Although I did have a lot of trouble fitting clothes back into my suitcase after I'd packed those books).  Still - there are worse things in the world to be addicted to... aren't there?

(Good news incidentally - Angela Savage's second book is on the way, Robert Gott is writing a new Will Power mystery, there's another Wyatt in the planning as well as Adrian is promising another Emily book).