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Charlotte Jay was the pseudonym of Australian mystery writer Geraldine Halls (1919-1996). One of the best and most singular authors of the suspense era, she wrote only nine books, but their unorthodoxy secured her a high place in Mystery Hall of Fame. The haunting Beat Not The Bones won the then newly created Edgar Award for Best Novel of the Year in 1954.


  • The Knife Is Feminine 1951
  • Beat Not the Bones 1952
  • The Fugitive Eye 1953
  • The Yellow Turban 1955
  • The Man Who Walked Away (US Title: The Stepfather) 1958
  • Arms for Adonis 1960
  • A Hank of Hair 1964
  • The Voice of the Crab 1974

As Geraldine Halls Jay:

  • The Feast of the Dead (US Title: The Brink of Silence) 1956

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