California PI & the Aussie Crime Writer

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 6:00pm

California PI & the Aussie Crime Writer

Sisters in Crime@Readings Hawthorn

6 pm, Monday 10 September

Robin Bowles, Australia's True Crime Queen,
a former Private Inquiry  agent herself, will interview
PI Rachel Sommerville,
about her new bestseller
California P.I.

Adelaide-born Sommerville is a criminal defence investigator in California. Her job is to help lawyers convince a jury or appeal court not to impose the death penalty. Her search for the evidence that may stop the imposition of a death sentence takes her to some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the US.

California P.I. is Sommerville's passionate account of the men whose lives she tries to save and of her journey from a genteel middle-class Australian suburb to the ghettoes and prisons of America.

Robin and Rachel will discuss the challenges of being a female PI, including the funnier side of the job... like not being able to make good use of an empty bottle in case of need during long stakeouts.

Robin and Rachel will provide a great night's entertainment. And it's FREE!

Rachel Sommerville holds a history honours degree from the University of Adelaide and a Masters of Arts degree in psychosocial studies from the University of Melbourne. She has lived in California for nearly 20 years.

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