Beautiful Death

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Book Title: 
Jack Hawksworth
Year of Publication: 
Harper Collins
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Categories & Groupings
Crime Fiction
Sub Genre: 
Police Procedural
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Blurb from the book

A man walking his dog by the River Lea in London makes a grisly discovery and soon DCI Jack Hawksworth is in the grip of a confounding case: Londoners have become the target of a calculating killer‚ who ′trophies′ the faces of his victims.

Under enormous pressure from politicians and the public‚ Jack and his team begin their investigation‚ which takes them into the murky world of human organ trading. But when the murderer strikes closer to home than Jack could ever have imagined possible‚ the case becomes a personal crusade −− and a race against time. Can the killer be brought to justice before Jack is removed from the operation?

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