BANKRUPTS AND BANDITS - Frederick Guilhaus

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Bankrupts and Bandits
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When Harry Gartner's business falls into the fat receiver's hands confusion reigns in the family.  Steven leaves Karen and the farm, and finds Jane, investigative journalist.  Emily, for her children's sake, wishes she'd never signed that personal guarantee.  Together, they need to thwart the machinations of the Pinton brothers - Alan, the duplicitous accountant and Michael, the lawyer, who is bad to the bones.

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There has been a slowly bubbling sub-genre of crime fiction based in the financial world that seems to have been going on for ages in Australia, and every now and then you'll fall across one of those books - normally in a second hand shop now.  I can't remember where I spied BANKRUPTS AND BANDITS or even when for that matter, but it was sitting on my pile of unread local authors when I grabbed it the other day.
I confess I'm not much interested in finance - high finance, bankruptcy, losing the business or anything else much to do with money (shocking isn't it) so I tend to struggle to maintain interest in the subject matter of these books.  This is a quick little read about the bankruptcy of a family business, the poor health of the founding father and a son who gives up his own life to save his father and sister.  

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